About Kray Marketing


We are dedicated to creating strong, Marketing and Advertising materials that will increase your market share and profits.

Our approach is personal, professional and pleasant. And it seems to be well received by our clients. But then they also like the results our services provide. Turns out, things like cost effective marketing solutions and award-winning advertising have a way of making people smile.

The bottom line is that we believe serving your needs is an honor and a privilege.


Dan Kray started Kray Marketing in 1990 with the idea that he could provide effective Advertising and Marketing solutions in a very personal way.

Over the years, Dan’s personal approach to business resulted in the development of many long term, client relationships. Which in turn, led to the growth of Kray Marketing. And this personal approach is one of the unique characteristics that sets Kray Marketing apart from the rest.

Due to this growth, Dan established a large network of Associates that handle every aspect of Advertising and Marketing. And Dan has made sure that each Associate provides the same personal approach to every project. This has resulted in years of developing effective Marketing and Advertising solutions that have garnished many awards and kept a lot of clients very happy.

Today, Dan and his Associates at Kray Marketing are still providing the same great personal service and are continuing to help a variety of corporations achieve their goals.

Dan Kray is also sharing this approach to the Ad industry and creativity with students at DeVry University, as one of their most popular Web Graphic & Multi-Media Design instructors. He was hired to help out DeVry’s new WGD program with his industry knowledge, experience and effective teaching style, teaching 5 different courses so far.

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