Case Study – EMBO/Waterboy Sports

Case Study – EMBO/Waterboy Sports

Great News is always welcome – like:
“We came back from the show with over $10,000 in orders &
$15,000 in quotes!”

Our client, EMBO, LLC., asked us to help with a little project: bringing to market & marketing a hydration invention that enhances & adds value to an existing hydration station, rocketing that unit to the top of their industry food chain.
Click Here – The Filling Station Video in Action 
It was a simple, yet practical idea to make water distribution quicker, easier & more sanitary on the football field. It’s now become a “must have” item on high school & college fields. Kray Marketing took the wheel in putting a face on the initial product design, product ID, integration with it’s host product, helping with the related videos, ads, trade show booth/materials, company website, etc. So, now, as soon as an athletic director or trainer sees this product, they want it! – Great News for our clients!

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