New Technology for Marketing Your Company!

We’ve had a few meetings this week with a company from Atlanta, that is offering technology to help YOU automate your marketing materials and take TOTAL CONTROL over the editing and distribution of each piece. ALSO, offering DIGITAL SIGNAGE to the mix with amazing POWER and CUSTOMIZING ability to how you create, edit, schedule and […]

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Latest Ad for DGW

Just finished an ad for Doing Good Works – a business model that helps At-Risk foster youth through businesses: http://doinggood.works We took a good amount of copy and fit into a fashion-type layout – tying the ad together using an element from their logo. Great company, doing great things to help young people in tough situations! (click on […]

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Working on branding!

It’s always exciting to put a face to a new business! We’re setting up a new look and feel for a unique financial/product development corp in LA county. This company is moving in a few diverse business directions, and our job is to visually create the umbrella image, that gives way to the different disciplines. Interesting, challenging […]

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